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Meow is the very first of its kind. It is an Electro-Acoustic device that treats both acoustic and electric grounding. 

Acoustic design aspect

Size, shape and material were carefully designed as a cylindrical shape with a silky smooth surface. When sound impacts meow, it will Omni-directionally reflect the sound in good order.

Electric grounding design

Most electronic circuits are designed to put noise through grounding to the chassis of the audio device. This noise will flow over the surface of the chassis without direction. By placing Meow on top of the device, it will interface with chassis grounding and manage the flow direction of this grounding.

Power Station ( PS10 )

The Sun in Pink Gold color

Providing Sweet Warm Harmonics Sound enable Emotional Music sensation 

The Moon in Titanium Black color

Providing high frequency Bandwidth, enable Dynamics and Transparency sound staging

Sun & Moon offer alternative choices to lift up your sound performance to meet your desired sound


Magic Spike 

Magic Spike  is designed and patented by Tombo Audio with revolutionary concept. The vibration from the speaker will be redirected and dissipated.

Magic Footer

Suspension is the key to reduce mechanical noise which occurred and conducted through the surface of a device. By absorb suspense and release, the effect of mechanical noise will diminish.

Magic Plate

Magic Plate is a complicated design in terms of shape and structure. The chamber inside was designed to hold six pieces of steel alloy ball bearing. The function of these ball bearings is to divert vertical vibration to horizontal and dissipate them Omni directionally. 

Lotus Harmonic Enhancer

Inspired by Nepal singing bowl, we have created a groundbreaking acoustic tool named Lotus Harmonic Enhancer. The bell on the top gives high resonance frequency while the tip on the top of the bell performs as a wave guide streaming high frequency up to the ceiling.